X-axis drawing issue

Hello Rotrics staff.
I have an issue for the robots drawing.
If I were to generate a g-code for a simple smiley face and press Start send g-code. The robot would draw, but it would draw everything in a straight line. As in the X-axis wouldn’t work.
Everything would work fine when running the boundary test ( including the x-axis ) but when drawing its as if the X-axis is disabled or doesn’t work suddenly.
It would be great if you could have a look into this as this is bugging me a lot.

Regards Din

Could you export the g-code and send me? I’ll test it in mine Dexarm.

It says here new users ( as I am one ) aren’t allowed to attach files.
Is there any other way I can do this?

Thanks for the help.

Sorry, I found out how to get it without having to attach the file

;----------- Start Gcode -----------
M2000;custom:line mode
M888 P0;custom:header is write&draw
G0 Z5
G0 F2000
G1 F2000
G0 E-39.15 Y269.41
G1 Z0
G1 E37.97 Y269.41
G0 Z5
G0 E-39.15 Y230.27
G1 Z0
G1 E37.97 Y230.27
G0 Z5
G0 E-0.59 Y249.84
;----------- End Gcode -------------

Also on another note our touchscreen’s basic movement buttons don’t work ( I think I have one of the older versions of the touchscreen )

Just replying to say that I found out the issue. As it turns out, in settings the advanced mode (Used if you have a sliding rail) had turned on by itself. Which is why our robot wasn’t using the X-axis.