With drawing, dexarm hit the bottom of the ground

If I place the image to a different spot, the dex arm hit the bottom of the ground. It won’t help if I set the workspace higher.

  1. How can I solve that problem?
  2. And, how can use the whole range of the paper?

I did the callibration, but that didn’t help.

Can someone help me please?

What kind of image is? Does it happen with other similar images or just with that?

The whole area of the paper depends of the drawing size and how it is placed. You need to have a zero point that matches paper and image.

Fabiano Bovo - Xprecision - Brazil

Hello Fabiano,

unfortunatly, I can’t upload attachements.
And i don’t know how to add the gcode in here…

But the problem occur by all images.

Best regards, Rene