Why this Message: G-code sending task started, please do not repeat

When I am trying to 3D print, I get this repeating message: “G-code sending task started, please do not repeat.” This is after I have loaded the .stl file and have clicked the Generate G-code button and the Start Send G-code button in Rotrics Studio (v1.0.1). And, when the current temp shows 194.26 C, it never reaches the target temp of 195.00 C because of the repeating message. Also, the terminal reads: “echo:busy: paused for user”. So, with the repeating message the DexArm never moves to start printing. DOES ANY ONE KNOW WHY THIS IS HAPPENING.

I run Rotrics Studio on an iMac desktop, running macOS Catalina, v10.15.7. The newest version of Rotrics Studio shows the current and target temperatures, does anyone know how to reset the target temp in Rotrics Studio? Each time I have tried to 3D print, it shows 195.00 as the target temp, but my hotend has never reached that temp while trying to print using Studio.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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I’m having the same issue, but on Windows 10.
It’s exactly as you have already described and when it happenes, I can’t do anything with the Dexarm anymore…
I have to shut it down completely, because it is not taking inputs anymore.

The last thing the terminal showed before repeating “paused for user” was: “unknown command: lute extrusion mode”.


Did either of you get any help with this issue? Currently dealing with it.


I have the same problem.