White Housing Around the Base of the Arm is cracked and chipped

Hi, I was one of the backers on IndieGoGo for the Dexarm way back when. When I finally received the Dexarm it had a hairline fracture in the back corner that was at first barely noticeable. I was so glad to finally have it at the time I was willing to overlook the tiny imperfection. But as I used it, more and more cracks started to develop over time, until good-sized chips of plastic started breaking off (which I have badly superglued back into place). I haven’t been using the Arm much in the last few months and it has been in storage, but I am looking to sell it now due to not using it as much as I thought I would and my financial situation, so I kind of need to replace this part.

Can you ship me a replacement? I’m willing to pay for the part and shipping if not too expensive.

Still waiting on an answer.

Have exact the same issue, in front I have a big crack so i can take off the part and in the back I got a fracture. I was happy that after the delivery nothing was cracked but now I am disappointed and I am not a heavy user.