URDF for research in simulation

Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a URDF file for the DexArm so that students can train in simulation (e.g. in PyBullet) before transferring to the real robot.


This would be great!!

@ybisk @DavidV
Currently, we don’t have much support for ROS.
Thanks for your suggestions.
We hope you can help us build URDF file and then we will opensource of it, we can provide all the mechanical structure parameters of Dexarm, even 3d models like STL or STEP.
If you need mechanical parameters or 3D models, Please send an email to info@rotrics.com


I’m not quite at the level of worrying about ROS just yet, but just importing into simulators (e.g. PyBullet or NVIDIA Isaac) and then we can use the current gcode interface via python to control the robot.

I am happy to help build an open source URDF. I was planning to build one so I can use the DexArm when I teach a new course this fall. I’ll send an email to info@rotrics.com referencing this thread to ask for some STL so we can use them as a mesh for the URDF.

@DavidV let me know if you’d like to collaborate on this.

I would love to, although, unfortunately, haven’t got the time right now.

BTW, I would suggest better to use a STP file, so that it can be done using solidworks like the tutorial in the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz6KPJBfM1s Should be pretty straight forward. With the URDF, gazebo and rviz should be able to be used.

Agreed that would simplify things. I was simply measuring mine to get a basic joint structure in place in the meantime. I’ve emailed info@rotrics.com but haven’t heard back yet. It’s the beginning of the semester so I’ll be slightly slow to make progress as well.

@DavidV still working on it but https://github.com/ybisk/robot/tree/main/URDF

That’s super!!! great, I’ll try to do some tests with gazebo. Many thanks!

Great work! :100: