Stringing in FW 2.2.0

On Discord there are People (including me) (probably there are more) who have a lot of thick strining with firmware 2.2.0.

The string-test-towers left and right are printed after each other, with the same filament and settings, only diiference is the firmware.
On the left FW 2.2.0
On the right FW 2.1.9

I have also filmed the retraction of both, but i cannot upload the movies here.
In FW 2.1.9 the retraction goes smooth with time between the retraction and the feeding (the arm is travelling from point to point) .
In FW 2.2.0 the retraction is fast and it direct feeds again (no waiting between retraction and feeding) especcialy the feeding is very fast, so I (and others) think this is (part) of the cause of stringing in 2.2.0

Movies of the retraction are here:
FW 2.2.0:
FW 2.1.9:

Thanks for your reprot. We are looking for the cause of the problem about retracting&string. Please wait patiently, Thank you

Hi Raymond
The bug has been solved. You can update to V2.2.1 through Rotrics studio.

For more information, please refer to:
iwwwwwwi test shared in discord:

DexArm firmware on github:

I have updated the firmware to 2.2.1 and tested it, it works good again. Thanks.