Sliding Rail Problem

Following the Sliding Rail Kit setup on the manual:

When setting up the sliding rail it says to send M2005 to home the “E” motor but it also resets the mm/revolution value. The value is not accurate and I calibrate the value and set with M92 but when I use M2005 the next time it overrides my value. How can I set the default M2005 E value?

M2005 will be automatically set step/mm to “170.4” of our official slide rail. What is your value?
You can modify and compile the firmware yourself, or tell us the value, and we can modify the firmware.

Thanks for the information duzhipeng, my value is 319.75 for E axis. I haven’t tried compiling firmware myself before.

There is a big difference in parameters. Are you using the official slide rail?
There’s another way: please use M92 E319.75 to set the e-axis of your slide rail, then M500 to save it, and then directly use the e-axis to control your slide rail, such as G1 F1000 E100. Do not use M2005 to initialize the official slide rail