Rotrics Studio, Terminal

  1. In the next upgrade of Rotrics Studio, Terminal, it would be nice if you could make the font BLACK, as the grey font in Terminal is hard to read for us older owners (backers).
  2. Now that we all have our DexArm’s, it would be nice if you could give us some particulars on the machine, etc. Such as the particulars on the THERMISTOR, ie. the ohms, where to purchase one if it breaks. Particulars about the HEAT CYLINDER, Particulars about the HOT END of the 3Dprinter and some particulars on the ARM itself. When someone purchases a complex machine there is usually detailed instructions/comments for the machine that came with the machine, or there is information online about the machine. None of this occurred with the Rotrics DexArm. Other 3D Printer companies provide support to their customers. DU

Hi @deu1,

Thanks for the great feedback.

  1. We will change the color of the report messages in the Terminal section in the V1.0.0 released version.

  2. We will put those product details into our online manual’s product overview section - That should be done within this week.

Jeff & Rotrics Team

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for adding my suggestions to Studio and the online manual. However, I’m a bit confused. I currently have Rotrics Studio V1.0.0, but the font color in Terminal has not been changed. Will you be issuing a new version soon that will show the changes? Dan

The V1.0.0 version now is a beta version that hasn’t included the change yet. The released version will be released in mid-May.