Rotics Linux support?


I supported the crowdfunding campain and have received my rotrics.
I see on the manual that rotrics “supports multi-platform use such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux.” however, there is no download not mention of Linux anywhere else (in the support page, on the facebook group, etc…)

Could you please provide us with a way to use the robotic arm with Linux

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi @arnaudlb

I use Pronterface for connecting and moving the arm and it works quite well, as I am not interested in the Rotrics Studio features too much. And for the generation of gcode either cura for printing or VisiCut for laser/pen, I also patched visicut at my github account a little for use with a pen, but as I am currently have no project related to the pen module I didn’t raise a pull request yet as some minor issues still needed to be fixed.

Updating the firmware works quite well with minicom, it was described somewhere in the discord chat:

  1. minicom -s
  2. Choose Serial port setup
  3. Press A, change it to the right port /dev/ttyxxx -> press Enter, press Esc
  4. Choose Exit
  5. Enter M2002, press Enter, enter M2003
  6. Press 5 (Print product info), to check which hardware version you have
  7. Press 1 (Download image to the internal Flash)
  8. Press Ctrl + A followed by z, press s
  9. Choose ymodem
  10. Select firmware file according your hardware version and follow the instructions
  11. Press 3 (Execute the loaded application)