Rotary vs pick and grabber attachment

When I received my Dexarm luxury package, I got a pneumatic pump and a pick and grabber tool but it is not the rotary version. Should it have been? Mine does not support the 4th axis.

Hi @P_Mullins45 could you provide the order number so that we can look into it? If you are in the US, your order will be separated into two packages with the previous version of the Luxury Kit and the Rotary Kit.

We have sent some old Luxury Kit to the US warehouse a few months ago which didn’t include the Rotary Kit.

But no worries, you will get the Rotary Kit in the next few days.

113-9726500-3653064 is my order number. I must say I love this thing! It has exceeded my expectations and is super cool! Thanks so much for the support!

Hi @P_Mullins45 sorry for the late reply. We haven’t found your order on our website. Did you order from Amazon or our distributors? If so, you might get the previous version of the Luxury kit which doesn’t include the rotary module.

@Jeff_Rotrics I have received the rotary version but can find no reference to the gcode command to rotate the pneumatic tool as per the video which shows this. Can you please provide the gcode commend to rotate the tool? Otherwise it is of no use to have this 4th degree of freedom.



Sorry for the late reply. Here is the how-to manual for the rotary module. It includes the assembling guide and the code to control it -

Feel free to email for any questions about using DexArm.


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Thanks for your response. Just tried that and it works! Thanks for your help.