Rotary module questions

I just got my rotary kit and I had a few questions,

  1. what is the Pneumatic Connector piece for?
  2. there is an input for some sort of cable (similar to the one used in the 3d printing kit), was the cable supposed to come with the kit?, and what is it for?

Regarding point 1. of your question

Regarding point 2. of your question

4. Integrate Rotary Module into your projects

Basically, the rotary module is a high-level servo motor. We’ve released the 5-pin end effector port for you to DIY your own rotary module for your projects.

Unfortunately, there is no pinout diagram for the 5-pin connector, but I assume that the connector of the module is passed through.
But a few details about the assignment of the connection would be quite helpful! A cable does not belong to the scope of supply!

What I have answered to your questions here you can also find in the online manual under Rotary Module here : “

greetings skink