Robot simulator

Does anyone tried Robot workbench on Freecad in order to make simulations?
Takin into account that Freecad is a powerful software suite and opensource, maybe it could be interesting to start with it?

If anyone else is interested on give it a try, it could be really powerful.

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This would be great for what I want to use my multiple arms for :slight_smile:

does anyone have 3d cad files of the arm? and its attachments?

Indeed we should start with the cad files, and generate the URDF, or python definition in order to “load” them as the ones from Kuka are already there.

yes, if we cant get the cad directly from Rotrics
I can reverse engineer it for a good enough model, will just take more time

I remember in the Discord channel, there was someone also asking for it, not sure whether they got it form Rotrics.

Otherwise Rotrics should facilitate, some kind of URDF, or step for the external body, no need of the electronics, and engines inside, instead of Reverse engineer which will require more time.