Recalibrating touch screen

I accidentally pressed on recalibrate touch screen and it is stuck in a loop of saying calibrating and some target shape moves around the screen and then it says calibration failed please help me

Hi dovie
Any update?
sorry for the late reply. If you still have problems, please take a video of the problem and I will reply to you.

how do i send a video?

I have the same problem,I tried to upload video but “new users not alloved to upload”
The screen is white with one cruise you move it and is getting blue ,i tried SD with firmware
but nothing happens

I uploaded to youtube,hope it helps


same problem with mine!

I’m convinced that is a firmware bug,and the touchscreen stays in one endless loop ,I don’t find documentation ,no schematic,no firmware source,nothing ,I plugged to the computer and the same screen calibration ,5 touch and calibration failed.the computer in my case with linux don’t detect as usb device,I,m thinking to open the case ,but afraid to break it,Is there Mr duzhipeng ,one button,one jumper o something else to reset to initial state? Or is one software driver posible to start a communication from the computer to reset it?Is posible from you to documented the touchscreen?
Thanks in advance

The M5010000 connected from robot does nothing,is the only I found in your web site,there are another undocumented commands that can help to reset the touchscreen?

Still no solution is given?

still waiting… :sleeping:

try long tapping on each dot for around a 1 second each time
it worked for me!!

ok,thank you it worked
for me too