Problem with X-Axis encoder reading fixed value (65535) Error 100: Position sensor read error, axis A

I purchased a new DexArm and during initial run I updated the firmware to the latest version, Although the firmware update was completed successfully, the communication with Arm was lost, After manually reinstalling the STM32 driver the communication was restored but the robot was not moving. A re-calibration was performed and the arm was moving successfully.

When I was teaching the robot, I noticed that x-axis values are fixed on 65535 value and never change. So, trying to reset encoder value I re-calibrated the arm many times but still getting the same error (Error 100: Position sensor read error, axis A), below are screenshots for the terminal showing error 100 after applying M889 and M1112 commands.


I really appreciate your help to resolve X-axis fixed value problem.

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Hi, muthanna
“Error 100: Position sensor read error, axis A” “fixed on 65535”
In this case, it is very likely that the sensor wire is off. Please disassemble the base of the DexArm and check whether the 1# wire is off.