Main Board it is not working

Maine main board is no more working, the green light it is ON and Main CPU is very hot, USB port is no more on my PC, no way to connect with Studio. Please advise how can I have new Main Board and new Base Case it is all cracked in the corners and around the bolts .

Hi maxmiron
I am Rotrics engineer.
Did you do anything before the mainboard no more working? We want to know how your mainboard errored.
And don’t worry. Please contact with your question and address, we will provide you with a replacement mainboard and base.

Hi Spikes
We will provide a warranty for the Dexarm, so please don’t worry.
If you have any questions, please contact us at or, or communicate with other users in discord

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Hi All
Problem solved I am waiting for a new Motherboard to be shipped on this Monday . Thank you very much.

Thank you, good feedback and peace of mind, I have very positive experience from rotrics, hardly had my order in and started to receive some of the equipment all the way to South Africa. Very prompt. Looking forward to become part of the community.

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