Laser will not fire

After 1 and 1/2 successful engravings, the 2.5w laser has stopped firing. It will neither power up when attempting to set the focus not when running gcode.
Fan powers up properly.
Is the module burned out, or is there a possible software config that would explain this?

The troubleshooting section has a guide to find out whether or not your unit is defective:

The short version:

  1. If the laser fan is working after power on, but the laser module still won’t light with command M3 S255 , and after switching to 3D printing module, the fan in front of 3D module works under this command, then the laser module is defective. please email with the relevant image/videos and we will help you to make it right.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you eleven29 – yes, that’s exactly what’s going on. I’ve contacted support, let’s see what they say.