Laser stopped lighting after a couple uses

Love this machine! Was able to operate every function within an hour or so. Unfortunately, the 2.5W laser stopped lighting. Fan continues to work and the app and monitor report it as on. I have submitted a support request via email. Is this a known issue? Is there a quick and easy fix?


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Hello Philipp,
whether there is a quick solution depends on how long you have been using the laser. I am also a new proud owner of the Rotrics Dexarm and also own the 2.5W laser. For example, I noticed that there is no additional fan to prevent the smoke from the laser from getting into the lens.
This could possibly be the problem that your lens is clogged by the smoke from the laser or even worse the smoke is burned into the lens.
Possibly that is why the laser no longer shines.
It can also be that the laser has reached its operating hours and is used up.

I think it’s important to either put a separate fan in front of the object to be lasered, or to use a solder fume extraction system like the one here (“ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Lötrauchabsaugung&qid=1615008835&sr=8-4”), which at least prevents the smoke from getting into the lens during lasering!

I think times that increases the life of the laser also by some time!

Greeting skink

Thanks, unfortunately, the laser led simply died. The device has less than 60 minutes of use, performed perfectly on the first couple jobs but stopped lighting during the last one. The contacts have all been checked and the lens can be removed to safely test the led. Their support folks are sending a replacement.

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The same here, the laser module suddenly stopped at the middle of a simple cut. Fan works, robot arm follows the path, but no laser beam. It has less than 20 minutes on it. Is there any fix for this?

I was sent a new laser module from Rotrics. I had version 1. They sent me version 1.2. It works beautifully and I have done at least 25 projects with it!

They reached out to me for this issue and they will replace the unit for me.

Same thing happened to me with a replacement! 2.5W Laser had less than 60 minutes working and then refuse to light.