Laser lithography (e.g. for PCBs)?

I am just starting out to test the different features and ways to control my new DexArm. I really like the fact, that the software and firmware are constantly improved and new functions / modules are being developed.

But there is one thing that I haven’t found until now within the documentation / user forum: using the laser module to perform laser lithography. Since the wavelength of the different laser modules seem to be around 405nm, I would assume they should work just fine for exposing photoresist on PCBs. There are a lot of examples on youtube. Another option would be to use black spray paint on uncoated PCB material and use higher power settings to effectively burn the paint, which can then be scrubbed off before etching.

You probably could use the laser engraving mode in Rotrics Studio, but some dedicated functions would be great (sample designs, resolution test, exposure latitude, linearity, multipass-writing, alignment for double-sided layouts etc.).

If anybody has some kind of experience using the DexArm for this task, please share!
In any case please let me know what you think about this topic.

Thanks a lot!