Is there a C# API for the DexArm?

If not, is there some documentation where I can find the G-Code commands supported on the DexArm?

Hi @GroovyAlpaca sorry, we don’t have any C# API yet, but you could use the Serial function to send G-code commands to control the arm.

Our firmware is based in Marlin and it supports most movement commands of Marlin. We also added some special commands to control our own modules such as pneumatic and conveyor belt. Here is an introduction of the G-code commands - and here is the link to Marlin’s commands -

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Hi, well - the API and sdk documentation is not really good. Some parts are not very understandable. Also it isn’t complete. Even such basic commands like M1112 for GoHome are missing. Also commands for setting the work origin or report settings (M892) are not documented. Also knowing that only “most Marlin commands” are supported makes it a trial-and-error-game if there is no information which ones are implemented and which ones are not…

Thanks @Jeff_Rotrics. I managed to write a bare bones C# driver using the G-code commands you linked.
For anyone who would like to use the driver, you can find it here:

I’ll be contributing to this, likely.

Thanks for creating it.