Infinite 3d printing

Following the article Kerry Stevenson writes in:

It seems “easy” to adapt the belt as an endless 3dprinting surface, but some doubts arise.

Would you leave the belt still meanwhile printing?, the Cartesian 3d printers with belt, uses the belt as a construction movement. But I think it would be better to keep it still.

And is the belt flat enough? Maybe a plane calibration should be scheduled before each printing, so automatic levelling with an inductive sensor or similar.

A scraper at the end of the belt would help deattaching the part which is always a tricky process.

From my point of view with Rotrics options the infinte 3d printing seems a direct path, although a printing cue, file management and probably a filament run out sensor (like the one Raise3d have) would be needed.

Ideas and thoughts are welcome!

Pretty good idea. We plan to do an Infinite 3d printing demo with our belt recently.

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