Help: fan speed and second prints

Hello, hoping a guru can a lend a hand with two issues I’m having.
Setup: Ender 3 v4.2.7 \ Marlin \ Octoprint on Pi 4

  1. After my first print I have to completely shut down and restart. Otherwise, if I clear the bed and start a second print, after the bed leveling routine the hot end retracts to the far back corner and just dumps filament.
  2. I upgraded the parts cooling fan and it works fine except that it works in reverse. At 100% the fan turns off and at 0% the fan is running full. Is there a way to reverse this in the firmware?
    –a) I’d also like to be able to set a default starting fan speed that will run until the printing starts. This is to prevent melting of my cooling shroud around the hot end. Something like a constant minimum fan speed of 10%.

I know I can use Cura for some fan speeds but I’d like to be able to set it in the firmware so that there is a level of control prior to the print starting. My last shroud melted while the hot end was heating up prior to the fan kicking on. I’ve scoured the configuration and configuration_adv files and can’t find what I’m looking for so I’m hoping there’s some tricks someone knows.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Niccio,

This is the community for Rotrics DexArm. Please go to the Ender community if you were having trouble in Ender printer.