Heating error 200


I’m facing issue with the 3D printing module where the terminal shows “heating error 200” everytime the temperature reaches 130+ degree celsius.

I’ve tried adjusting the thermistor multiple times and it is always the same problem.

Any advice?


Please take a photo at this angle. I need to confirm the assemble of temperature sensor.
In addition, when did you receive DexArm and 3D printing kit?

heating error 200,Heating failed usually means the heater is broken,not thermistor sensor broken.

May be you need to check the heater, not the thermistor.
If the heater broken, please contact support@rotrics.com for replace it.

How do I know if the heater is broken?

Btw, I receive my Dexarm in Dec 2020.

Hi,Please check the wiring under the black rubber.

Looks fine to me.