Future End Effector Pinouts

Hi RotricsTeam @duzhipeng @Jeff_Rotrics @Jing @meifangjun

Would you consider to change the end effector’s pinout’s
I would like to have communication connection like RS232 so that you can communicate with a custom end effector.

This will allow you to add a MCU and communicate with it on the custom end effector, You can surface another COM port on the system that communicate only to that port, like a pass through or have a prefix message to your MCU will ignore and pass the message along to the end effector’s COM port.

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Hi JacoM
The end effector has serial port. At present, our front-end rotating module uses a one-line serial port, which is also based on this serial port.
You can use DIY kit for front-end customization.
Refer link:

Thank you for the info I have missed that part in the docs.

@duzhipeng Can you provide info on how to communicate with an end effector via the 232.
So in short I want to sent command from my PC to my custom end effector. Currently I can only connect to 1 COM port on my PC, and I take it is only to control the arm.

How can I sent a 232 command from my PC to the TX pin,Short TX to RX, and receive the data back.

This feature needs to be developed, and we currently have several important features in implementation.

Do you know Arduino or platform io, Marlin development? Our firmware is open source, you can also consider implementing it yourself.