Forum Issue/Problem post template

Consider asking people to follow a standard issue template for easier issue triaging.

GitHub, for example, implements issue templates for open source repositories. A good example can be found here.

Some things I’d suggest asking people to confirm or list when asking for help are:

  • Have you searched the FAQs? (link to FAQs)
  • Have you searched the forums for similar issues? (link to forum search)
  • Please list your firmware version (link to discovering firmware version with and without Studio)
  • Please list your Studio version (link to discovering Studio firmware version)
  • Detailed description of your issue and if possible, steps to reproduce

This will help not only your staff, but moderators and users from duplicate and confusing posts.



Also it would be helpful to allow the attachment of any filetype to a post, not just images. Some problems require to provide source files, svg files or gcode files to reproduce. Also videos are often helpful.

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Additionally you may also consider asking users to limit themselves to one problem per post.
Compound issues are extremely difficult to track and conversation can often drift onto other matters.

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Thanks for the advice! Just adjusted the Discourse setting and we can upload any type of files to the post now :wink:.

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Thanks for the great suggestions! Will change our post template later today!

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