Flashing Firmware with minicom

For those who can’t or won’t use Rotrics Studio a short summery how to flash the Firmware of DexArm with the tool minicom. This is a sum up of a discussion on the discord group.

  1. minicom -s
  2. Choose Serial port setup
  3. Press A , change it to the right port /dev/ttyxxx -> press Enter , press Esc
  4. Choose Exit
  5. Enter M2002 , press Enter , enter M2003
  6. Press 5 ( Print product info ), to check which hardware version you have
  7. Press 1 ( Download image to the internal Flash )
  8. Press Ctrl + A followed by z , press s
  9. Choose ymodem
  10. Select firmware file according your hardware version and follow the instructions
  11. Press 3 ( Execute the loaded application )
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Thanks for sharing, can I use Minicom to update on Mac? Our previous test was unsuccessful, so there was no Minicom tutorial before.

I only tested it on Linux, I don’t have a Mac to test, but in theory, if the minicom is available for Mac as well it should work in my opinion. Maybe some one with Mac reading this could test it?! :slight_smile:

Great.Thanks for sharing

Just FYI - it worked flawlessly on OctoPi. Not a surprise since OctoPi is just a Linux running on raspberryPi.

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