Extruder temperature setting

Dear Rotrics staff, I have proble to set extruder at 230°C to print PETG filament,
Before slicing II try to send gcode M104 S230 form terminal consolle and temperature rise uo to 230°C,
but when send gcode sliced with Rotrics Studio, the temperure slow down to 195°C,
on Material Setting, if I set custom material, no settings windows is shown.

Many thanks for your attention.
Valerio Faggi

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Hey @effevalerio I somewhere in this forum asked the same question… I read an article somewhere where it says that the temperature can’t go higher than 210 degrees… so I believe PETG is out of the question… Until They decide to pump up the temperature. I put my printing temp at 209 because somehow when I put 210 it will stop mid print.

That seems to be a bug in the new version.
I only use Cura for 3 D printing.
Especially because I can save multiple profiles.
I took a look at the new version out of pure interest. The first thing I noticed was that the material settings are missing in the custom profile and rotric’s studio is therefore unusable for 3 D printing. Especially because I mostly only use PETG.
The DexArm print fine also with 240°C. I use silicone socks for the print head and the fan speed under 50%.