Error 201: Thermal Runaway - 3D Printing Stopped after 5 minutes

My first two attempts using the 3D print attachment have both failed roughly 5 minutes after the start.

I am not presented with any errors, the print simply pauses. Both fans are still running and there is no indication of a problem.

How can I troubleshoot? Where can I access logs?

UPDATE: I found the Terminal Toggle and can now see I have an Error: 201, Thermal Runaway, system stopped!.

Now I suppose I need to figure out how to control the temperature.

Thank you,

Hi Jarvis
“Error: 201, Thermal Runaway”

This is the protection mechanism of Dexarm. During the heating process, if the temperature drops suddenly, this protection will be triggered.
There are two possibilities. One is that the heating temperature is set too high, such as above 210 degrees, which will trigger this problem. It is recommended to set the temperature to 185-200 degrees . Another situation may be that the temperature sensor wiring is broken. If the problem still exists after excluding the first situation, you can contact us to replace a new 3D print head.

I have attached the temperature settings that have been used for reference. I will contact support.

Thanks you.