Device Boundary limitation file

How can i get a file or svg to to use for etching the boundary limitation and grid on my surface the Dexarm is sitting on. I have an issue where its hard to tell where in relation the head is going to move phycially in relation to how its setup in the Rotrics studio. The studio software is very limited and i think this would help

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I share that wish for the laser app. Would it be possible to set the laser to 0,1% and get continous “do the boundary box path until a key is pressed”-function ? that would be really helpful for small pics. to do it once doesnt help and it’s impossible to say whre the laser hits the surface.

Good suggestion. We will change M3 S1 to 0.1% power. Then add it to rotrics studio boundary check.

Thats the same I needed since getting the Dexarm… :slight_smile:Were can I download the .svg???