Commands to Move in X, but Moves in X and Z

Upon receiving the Rotrics Arm, I was able to connect to it successfully, but it does not respond to commands to move along the X axis correctly, meaning the unit is basically useless. When I give it a command to move in the -X or +X direction, the arm will move -X or +X but it will also move in the -Z or +z axis.

I’m happy to show a video of this behavior as I haven’t seen this issue reported elsewhere. Help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m on the latest HW firmware and using the latest Rotrics Studio (V2.2.2 FW version, V3.2 HW version, V0.1.10 Rotrics Studio).

Hi @HardCoal99

We have communicated with you by email. We may need more videos in order to troubleshooting.Video request I have email you.