Can you write in real time with an application?

We want to transmit a writing remotely to the robot arm and for it to write the same thing that the author does in real time. Is this possible? Is there a way to remotely connect with the robot arm?

I think so, but you’d have to program it.

Assuming you have two of them, write code to track the position, send that to another bit of code controlling the other.

You’d have to account for xyz factors, etc…

The “writer” would have to hold the pen, and write slowly, but if you created the G and sent it to the other one, it ought to be able to achieve something like what you want.

I’m waiting on my dexarm, but based on the source code I’m thinking that’d be a good approach to start with. You would, in effect, take Dexarm A’s x,y,z position and send that to to Dexarm B.