Camera + pneumatic picker


I need help in setting up the camera + the single picker for having this robot pickup 20 - 22mm go stones. For this I am not too clear on how to mount the camera. Two white 3d printed little side panels came out of the box I assume these would be required to hold the camera behind the picker. Can someone that has experience mixing and matching these help?

Also what code tool can be used with this arm? The visual programmer is not really helpful in customizing this, Id like to understand what people are using. Thank you for your help in advance.


The white plates are used to mount the vision module on the head of DexArm. We need to detach the original bracket and mount the white plates.

The vision studio is design for the early version of pneumatic kit, so we need to change the offset value of front end. The studio built in two demos of picking wood blocks and chocolate beans. If you want to sort other objects, you may need to write the object recognizing programs.

Here is the G-code API to control DexArm and the modules -