Arm won't connect

When trying to connect the arm to my laptop’s usb3 port, rotrics studio won’t connect to it. I can see the port listed, COM3, but clicking “connect” does nothing. The remote screen buttons don’t move the arm either.
This happened after the first time I turned it on & it had connected but it failed during one of the the firmware upgrade steps (it may have been step 4 or 5 - i’m not sure)

How can I connect to the arm? What troubleshooting steps can I take or reset it?
Thank you


are you sure the DexArm isn’t in bootloader mode? Take a look at the back of the arm, where the power plug is: is there a blinking light inside the rectangular plug?
If so, you should follow this guide:

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thank you so much for your reply. yes - there is a green light blinking. I’ll give it a go & report back

that worked like a charm. the instructions were very easy to follow. it took a bunch attempts to send the file, like some others have reported, but caused no issues.
thanks very much for your support!

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