Air Pump Not working

I primarily bought the robot arm for the sliding rail and laser engraver, but I decided to try playing around with the air gripper yesterday. And, I can’t get the pump to turn on at all. I’ve tried it through the beta version of the app, as well as through the touchpad, no luck in either case. I have swapped out every cable in the path. When I plug it in I can see a red light coming from inside, so I assume it’s getting power. I’m not sure where to go from here for troubleshooting, or if it’s possible to get a replacement since this is the first time I’ve tried to use it and it’s not powering on.

Hi @travellingtechie

Could you take a photo of the cable connections? We need to make sure the cable connection is correct.

Or you can reach out to me on Discord by searching Jeff Lee and I will help you out.

If you got a defective air pump box, we will send you a new one. No worries.

Jeff & the Rotrics Team

Hello travellingtechie and Jeff_Rotrics,
I am so free and have here for travellingtechie again a photo of how “Air Pump” must be clamped.
Maybe that helps travelingtechie already further and he has only something wrong plugged or forgotten!
greetings skink

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Here is my current connection. I have swapped out all the cable various times. I can tell from the red light that the pump is getting power, but it doesn’t respond at all.


Please use a USB A-C cable to connect DexArm with your computer and use the original USB C-C cable to connect the Air Pump Box. The original USB C-C cable is a fully functional USB C-C cable that uses all the 2x12 pins in the USB C port. That doesn’t compatible with other common USB C-C cables.

And do NOT use two USB C-C cables to connect DexArm with your computer when using Air Pump Box, the cable will affect the serial connection with your computer.

Please let us know if it works.

Interesting, I did not realize it was a special USB-C cable. My cables have a tendency to get mixed up, so I’ll have to look around a bit to find it. Out of curiosity, I tested my Thunderbolt 3 cable and now the air pump works.