After leveling & setting work origin, arm won't move at build plate level

I NEED HELP! I get my DexArm all set up by getting the temp up to proper temp (190) for PLA, level the Arm and then set the Work Origin. I then upload the .stl file, Generate G-code, then Start Send G-code and when the arm is at the target temp it starts to move, BUT NOT DOWN ON THE BUILD PLATE. As it’s moving about 3 inches ABOVE the build plate it is extruding PLA. So I Stop Send G-code.

I need help from the engineer. I have yet to hear from the engineer regarding my other problem. I think you guys at Rotrics have a problem supporting the people that backed you. You tell us to go and post on the Owner’s forum, but I have received little if any help there. Or you say post on Discord. I hate Discord, it is so confusing to use. By telling backers to use Discord, you seem to be giving up your responsibility to support your backers. Rather, you seem to expect the backers on Discord to try to figure out solving the problems among themselves. I think you need to have a dedicated TEAM (more than one) of engineers supporting the backers.

Dan Urbauer

Hey Bro,

I understand your frustration because I had the same problem… I don’t know if they are going to fix it on the next patch or update but the latest version doesn’t work for me yet… so I downgraded again to the version that worked for me… I have been messaging with the people of rotrics but have not heard of them if they are going to fix the problem :frowning:

here is the link to the older version of rotrics studio that worked for me.

I hope this version works for you too… you won’t have the features of the V1 rotrics studio but let’s hope they fix it on the next update :wink:

Good luck

Hey Dan,

Sorry for keeping you waiting! It looks like that the Work Origin is not set properly, that is why it is printing above the build plate. After leveling the Arm, pls check “Home” >“Z-”, until the nozzle touches the build plate, use a piece of A4 paper to make sure that there is slight resistance between the nozzle and build plate. Then click “Set Work Height”.

You can follow this tutorial video step by step:

If there is still any problem, pls send us the G-code you have generated.


Yours Sincerely,
Rotrics Team