3D Viewer - additional features

After starting to work in rotrics studio, I’m missing some features concerning the Viewer in 3D print setting.

  • I’d like to be able to move the camera and not only rotate around a single point
  • I’d like to have areas of the model highlighted when they are outside the printing-area
  • I’d love a function to scale and position a model to the maximum printable size. This actually something that would also be nice in other modes.


Hello, while you rotate the view by holding the left mouse key and move the mouse, you move the view by holding the right mouse key and move the mouse.
Oh, and you zoom with the mouse wheel, I don’t know whether there is another way.

thanks for the input! I was aware about the zooming but didn’t catch the trick about the right mouse key, as my macbook has none. Normally in 3D software, there are alternative modifiers on cmd, alt and shift keys