[3D Printing Effector] Hotend cooling fan does not work anymore

Hi guys,

the fan that is responsible for cooling the Hotend does not rotate anymore - sometimes if I give it a little spin it will rotate for a few seconds, but than it will stop again. Does anyone experienced this as well?

I removed it from the effector and had a look if some dust, filament strings or hair had been caught, but all looks very nice and clean (I also didn’t print much yet).

I assume it is broken, but I am curios what would be a decent replacement?
Are there any special requirements for this fan, beside 12V for power and 30mmx30mm size?
And a further question, how to open up the case of the effector connector to replace the fans cable? I don’t really understand how it is assembled, looks like it is clicked or glued together.

@Jeff_Rotrics is it possible to get a replacement fan? (and/or how long would the shipping take to Germany, if it takes more than a few days I would prefer to source it locally, as it is only a few euros)

Please contact this email address. info@rotrics.com
The module need resend - 3D Module Header
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Thanks for that offer, but I already fixed it myself yet, as the Fan was only a few euros. It is now working again :slight_smile:

But I am curious what might caused the failure of the fan, as I saw it is only connected to 12V directly, so there is not much that could go wrong.